Johnny Vincent is a character in Bully and leader of the Greasers clique at Bullworth Academy. He is voiced by

Johnny Vincent

Rocco Rosanio.


Johnny wears a black leather jacket over a school vest. He also wears school slacks and biker boots. His hair is similar to the Shop teacher Neil's and he is considered good looking by Mandy. During winter he adds a pair of gloves to his outfit.


Johnny rules the Greasers with a fair yet strong rule. He is extremely overprotective of his girlfriend Lola despite how she cheats on him. Johnny is well liked among his clique and is well respected by them. He is one of the toughest students on campus only behind Russell, Bif and Damon. He can be paranoid about rumors about him and works very hard to preserve his tough guy image. He gets in trouble often and will fight anyone. His parents apparently live in Bullworth and sent him there because it was close by.

Role In the Game

Johnny has many mission appearances in Chapter 3. Like when he asks Jimmy to help him find out if Lola is cheating on him. Also he appears in a race against Jimmy in Lola's Race. After a rumble between the Greasers and Preps he gets into a fight with Jimmy where Jimmy wins and takes control of the Greasers. He appears in more missions later in the game.

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