Ricky Pucino is a charachter in Bully who is a member of the Greasers clique at Bullworth Academy. He is

Ricky Pucino

voiced by TJ Del Reno.


Ricky wears a black leather jacket with a few strands of hair hanging down off his forehead. His apperance also includes a cigarette wedged behind is ear. He also has brown hair and is often confused with Peanut who also has a few strands of hair coming down off his head. The main diffrence is Ricky's jacket is black whislt Peanut's is brown.


He seems to hate Jocks as well as Preps for reasons unknown. He had a girlfreind who broke up with him for spending too much time on bikes instead of the realtionship. He claims if would have "Givin her a bike they could have rode off into the sunset." Thus he is still torn up about this while inquiring if he could fix his heart with a wrench. Ricky is great freinds amongst his clique the Greasers. He and the rest of the clique hate the Preppies while the feeling is mutual between each other. Ricky also hates the Jocks for reasons unsaid as referanced above. He can be heard complaining about them. It is mosly a grudge because the Jocks don't seem to have too much against the Greasers.

Role in the Game

He appears in several missions in chapter 2 and 3. He helps Jimmy get his trophy back from the Preps in Beach Rumble. He is also seen racing agianst Jimmy in Lola's Race. He makes other apperances as well.

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